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The BPAC/GA is an organization of bowling center proprietors helping each other to grow the sport of bowling. There are many benefits to being a member of the BPAC/GA.

  • Participation in an organization geared at growing the sport
  • Sharing of ideas to benefit your business
  • Tournaments and Events for your league bowlers

These are just a few of the benefits of being a member of the BPAC/GA.

Position Name Bowling Center (State) Phone# Email Address
(July 2020)
Melanie Campbell Rainbow Lanes 910-520-5717
Vice President
(July 2021)
Melissa McDainel Buffaloe Lanes North 919-876-5681
(February 2020)
Frankie McDainel Buffaloe Lanes North 919-876-5681
(July 2021)
Chad Estes Play Mor Lanes (NC) 704-873-4383
(February 2021)
Roger Philipi Bowl New England 704-421-4558
(February 2019)
Jay Burnett World of Sports 434-579-4192
(February 2019)
Greg Perkins Strikers Family Sports Center 678-357-2689
(February 2019)
Ricky Buffaloe Buffaloe Lanes Erwin 910-891-7668
(February 2020)
Ron Schnell Cardinal Lanes 910-612-5121
Alternate Director
(February 2020)
Howard Baum B&B Lanes 910-391-7467
Executive Director
(February 2020)
Renee' Dennis   919-201-9453

Want To Join the BPAC/GA Board of Directors?

The BPAC/GA Nominating Committee is currently seeking candidates. If you or anyone are interested in serving on BPAC/GA's Board of Directors, please submit an application today!

Please email or mail your application to BPAC/GA State Executive Director – Please include a brief bio describing your past and current experience in the bowling industry as well as why you wish to serve on the BPAC/GA board. Elections are held every year at the annual meeting. If you are interested in becoming a member, please email us and we can give you more detailed information. Please email us Any comments, suggestions, or issues -

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These are just a few of the benefits of being a member of the BPAC/GA.

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